Energy and Water Security

Today’s energy and climate challenges require a comprehensive understanding of how national security continues to be impacted by energy dependence and the need to improve options for energy consumption, the quality and quantity of water, as well as alternative and renewable energy sources.  The Meridian Group is focused on strategies and analysis to address Department of Defense goals of energy resilience, facilities and utility infrastructure, renewable energy, and energy efficiency measures.

Title 10 Authorities

Program management of legislation codified as United States Code (U.S.C.) Title 10 Armed Forces programs aimed at realizing water and energy cost saving measures:

  • 10 USC§ 2912 Availability and use of energy cost savings
  • 10 USC§ 2916 Sale of electricity from alternate energy and cogeneration production facilities
  • 10 USC § 2913 Energy savings contracts and activities

Program Management

Working collaboratively with stakeholders, we manage project timelines to determine gaps, impacts and risk assessments tailored to the program requirements, ensuring the best outcome for the client. This includes high-level support to federal personnel and executive leadership in the development of project proposals, monitoring, reporting and timely program execution of water, utility and energy security initiatives. Our team is seasoned at coordinating cross-enterprise federal projects to realize strategic program management aligned with capabilities and objectives.

Strategy and Policy Development

The impact of our work shapes key decision briefs, and contributes to future guidance and legislation. We provide our clients support on strategy and policy formulation, helping them leverage available resources to streamline their goals. Ensuring compliance is an integral part of shaping how we do business, with focused attention and application of executive orders, Federal energy Industry directives, and regulatory framework such as the National Defense Authorization Act and DoD Financial Management Regulation.