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Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Energy, Installations, and the Environment (ASN EI&E)


California Low Carbon Fuel Standard Initiative
The Meridian Group is working to support the Navy’s potential participation in the California Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) program, as an application of the authorities under Title 10 U.S. Code §2913. Meridian’s role and involvement in this project has been the culmination of efforts along with several in-person engagements among representatives from the Department of Navy and the California Energy Commission. This initiative leverages congressional authorities that facilitate participation in the California LCFS program, designed to decrease the carbon intensity of transportation fuel and achieve air quality benefits. The goal of this incentive program would allow the Navy to power ships from the electric grid (shore power) while in port rather than using onboard-generated electricity or diesel, thus earning credits based on reduced emissions.

Department of Navy and State of California Partner on Energy and Water Initiatives
The Meridian Group has been working in support of the longstanding partnership and collaboration between the Department of the Navy (DoN) and the California Energy Commission (CEC) and was proud to be involved in the recent December 1, 2021 event in which both signatories (Under Secretary of the Navy, the Honorable Meredith A. Berger, and Chair of the California Energy Commission, David Hochschild) reaffirmed their commitments by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, San Diego, California.

Formally renewing this partnership for another five years focuses efforts on energy and water- related projects at DoN installations throughout the state of California. The Meridian Group looks forward to further contributing to Navy and Marine Corps installation efforts to address energy resilience issues, climate initiatives, fossil fuel reduction, greenhouse gas reductions, water consumption, and alternative fuel vehicles. The DoN and CEC cooperation is a unique opportunity for both the state and federal government to continue working together to achieve their respective climate, energy, and water goals. The Meridian Group recognizes the impact of this work as critical to national security and will continue to support the DoN’s responsibility to provide assured energy.

For more information related to Meridian’s work in support of the December 1st MOU signing event, please visit our LinkedIn page.

Installation- Measurable Accrued Savings Transformative Energy Recovery (I-MASTER)
Recovered $150M of non-expiring funds (no-year money) for the Department of the Navy (DON) in a two-year period. The Meridian Group developed this pilot program for the DON from inception and continues to lead the effort in bringing non-programmed revenue back to the Department.  The Congressional Authority allows the DON to transfer validated energy cost savings, based on annual reduced energy consumption, into no-year accounts. Half the savings amount is returned directly to the Navy and Marine Corps Installations that generate the savings and will be available for use to support improvements to existing military family housing; any unspecified minor construction project that will enhance the quality of life of personnel; or any morale, welfare or recreation facility or service.  The program monetizes the value of energy conservation efforts by rewarding installations that proactively reduce their annual energy consumption and allows the DON to advance the goals of resiliency, reliability and efficiency.

Department of Navy-Installation Energy Resilience Strategy
A key document signed out by the Secretary of the Navy to help implement the overarching energy resilience strategy through department-wide vision for reliability, resilience, and efficiency measures. This document contains relevant Navy and Marine Corps case studies, a guidebook on Congressional authorities, and specific priorities and metrics to sharpen the focus on energy resilience.  Navy commanders, Energy Managers, and Department leaders come away with key resources to implement energy resilience projects and programs at any scale across the enterprise. Read more about what the Acting Secretary of the Navy had to say about the strategy on Military News and read the full energy resilience strategy HERE.