Who We Are

The Meridian Group is a consulting practice focusing on supporting critical Department of Defense (DoD) programs. Our team is made up of subject matter experts who have a history of providing strategic and technical support for the DoD, including drafting policy and legislative strategy, developing and executing programs, and providing scientific and analytical support to senior leaders.

Mission Statement

Meridian’s mission is to make a direct impact on military resilience in defense of our nation, to preserve and protect our natural resources through efficient and forward-leaning approaches, and to foster a work environment that is continually engaged in innovative policies and practices. We are dedicated to serving and growing with our clients, and pride ourselves on being a collaborative, transparent, non-traditional, boutique consulting firm where we are continuously learning and evolving.

Meet the Team

Grant Kamins

Grant has 17 years of experience in defense policy, acquisitions, congressional Title 10 authorities, and energy resilience policy. He started his career in the financial sector and shortly after moved to management consulting. Grant’s professional experience spans varied clients as well as both small and large management consulting firms within the DC region. In 2020, Grant founded The Meridian Group supporting The Department of Navy Secretariat under Energy, Installations and Environment. His focus is at the intersection of energy security, policy and congressional statutory program execution. Grant has successfully supported the Navy with issuing policy, strategic guidance and recovering over a hundred and fifty million dollars that would have otherwise been returned to the Department of Treasury.

Kelsey Semrod

Kelsey has over 12 years combined experience in hydrology, water resources science, water security policy, and stormwater management. Most recently, she has supported both Department of the Air Force and Department of the Navy clients to improve water resilience on military installations. Kelsey holds a Master of Science from Yale University and a Bachelor of Science from Trinity College. She supports the Meridian Group as a Water Security Advisor.

Leslie Irwin

Leslie has over 14 years combined experience in strategic communications, environmental policy, and coastal ocean science. As the Meridian Group’s Senior Strategic Communications Specialist, she supports the Department of the Navy Secretariat under Energy, Installations, and Environment. She previously provided strategic communications and outreach support for both the Department of the Air Force and U.S. Marine Corps. She found her passion for science, climate, and environmental communications and outreach as a Knauss Marine Policy Fellow with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and subsequently supporting the National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science.

Joe Aldina

Joe has over 15 years experience advising clients in the energy sector, with expertise in energy market assessments and strategic and financial advisory. Most recently, he supported the Department of the Air Force, leading a team that conducted technology scouting, financial due diligence and climate analysis for Air Force energy projects and large procurements. Prior to that, Joe held leadership roles with industry consultants S&P Global Commodity Insights and Wood Mackenzie. He supports the Meridian Group as their energy finance specialist, ensuring energy resilience on Navy and Marine Corps installations. Joe holds a degree in Economics from Tufts University and an MBA from the Warwick Business School in the UK.

Dr. David Weinstein

David has over 15 years combined experience in coastal, marine, and water sciences, program management, environmental policy (including NEPA) and administration, and scientific communication. He most recently provided critical support to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and U.S. Navy, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). David started his career in academia as a well-published coral reef scientist and geologist working globally (Caribbean, Japan, Israel, etc.) and with non-profit organizations. He earned a bachelors of science in Geology at the University of Maryland and a Ph.D. in marine geology and geophysics at the University of Miami. David supports the Meridian Group as the Water Program Manager.

Jordan Blackman

Jordan has over 20 years of experience at the cross sectors of energy, climate, and resilience. He has expertise in project management, strategic and program planning, energy policy, and analysis. Jordan’s clients have included the Federal Government, international organizations, and various commercial and industrial companies. He recently led teams supporting several clean energy and grid modernization programs at the Department of Energy. Previously, Jordan originated and managed multiple utility-scale and distributed generation projects for the Army Office of Energy Initiatives. He supports The Meridian Group as a Senior Advisor for energy projects, technology, and policy analysis to help the Navy meet its resilience, security, and sustainability goals. Jordan earned a bachelors in Economics at Cornell University and a masters in Energy & Environment Policy from the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies.



The Meridian Group is always looking for potential partners. Please contact info@meridiangroupdc.com if you are interested in teaming with us.